Michelle Plotnik, Architect | Services
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I offer three levels of service to my clients ranging from simple one-time consultations to full-service agreements that can take your project from a dream through the moment you move in to your new space and beyond. The following descriptions are just examples so feel free to call if you have questions:

Design Consulting:

This is exactly what it sounds like, a one-time consultation lasting two or three hours at my office your project site that can address any kind of design challenge. I always follow up with suggestions, referrals or other additional information. Most commonly people are looking for some advice or guidance on a specific issue like the following but it can really be about anything:

  • Is this a good site for the kind of home or small commercial project I have in mind?
  • Are there zoning or building code issues that might prevent me from doing what I want?
  • Is it possible to do an addition or make modifications to my existing building to make it work better for me for at any kind of reasonable cost?
  • I want to build a new home and I’ve sketched up some ideas; can you take a look at my sketches and let me know if I’m headed in the right direction?
  • I had a local designer draw up some plans or I’ve selected a plan from a planbook but I’m not sure it fits my site or I want to make some changes but
  • I’m not sure exactly how to make it work for me.
  • I have a design but I need help tweaking it and selecting the right products to make it as energy efficient as possible given my budget and site.
  • My project is under construction and I need help with the cabinets/fireplace wall/colors/finishes or any other design challenge.

Design Services

Again, this is exactly what it sounds like and includes just the design work for any kind of construction project. This is where we work together to take your wishlist and turn it into a design that works for you taking into consideration your site, lifestyle, workstyle, building codes, budget, style preferences and any other considerations. The floor plans, exterior elevations and preliminary material selections are all documented and ready for you to take to a designer, drafting service or engineer to create the permit and construction documents. What this doesn’t include is any detailed construction drawings, energy compliance documentation, engineering, material installation details or specifications, all of which will need to be completed by your drafting service or engineer. What it does is get you headed in the right direction at a fee substantially less than would be charged for full design, documentation and construction phase services. And I’m always available to my design clients to do additional hourly consultations as their projects develop and additional questions arise.

Full Services

So you have a piece of property (or not), a list of features you’d like to include in your project and a big collection of photos of rooms and details that create exactly the feel you want in your new home or business. What you don’t have is a way to put it all together or the time and inclination to try and take this on yourself. You want a professional who can help you through the entire process, suggesting solutions, materials and details that will create the spaces for the life you have in your mind.

You are going to hire a contractor (but might need help selecting the best one for your project) to build your project and want to make sure that the contractor understands exactly what you want. And you probably have more money than time but you still want someone who will treat your money like their own. You want full services that will take your project from dreams to reality and somebody to represent your interests throughout the project.

You want all the design help described above and more.

What you need to know is that you may choose to have as little or as much input into final selections of colors, materials and details as you like but you will certainly need to find the time to be a full participant in the preliminary design decisions to make sure that your needs and desires are fully represented in the finished project. What isn’t included? Well, I probably won’t be doing your grocery shopping but I can suggest folks who can help with almost anything.

Having a new home (or other project) designed and built is a big undertaking but it’s exciting, invigorating and a huge opportunity to create something that is uniquely suited to you and your family. I’m a big believer in getting the basics right and everything else is a bonus. Every project can’t afford, or doesn’t need, the very detailed services that an experienced architect can provide but almost every project could benefit from another set of eyes on it. I’d hate to see good design be something only for the few. I love helping people solve the puzzle of how to make a building suit their life so I offer the more limited options described above in hopes that anyone who wants help getting it right will have that opportunity. And if you want more, I can always take the project further.